Eco-tainment Inc

Eco-tainment Inc. delivers Eco-Training experiences that are designed by professional, qualified and experienced people and can be provided in a worksbop setting, in the form of stage show, or interacting with the public at special events.
In our explorations of utulising diferent media in order to deliver entaining and current environmental messages, we are committed to producing short documentaries in  diffent genres by contracting Paul Hodge Productions.
To whom it may concern,
I would like to thank Paul from Paul Hodge Productions for the creation and production of the introduction video for my new business. This is a crucial video for the business as it's the main video which will market our services and products via social media.  
Paul did a fantastic job with the production and the graphics which made the job easy for me. This is highlighted by the large amount of positive comments I have received on the video.
I highly recommend Paul Hodge Productions for any videographer work for your project.
Thanks again and I know I will surely be back for a new version and other productions in the near future.
Kind regards
Shayne Holzheimer
13th September 2013