Feedback from clients

I have recently contracted Paul Hodge Productions to compile a DVD for use in promoting our product.  To achieve the outcome desired Paul was required to travel from Brisbane to the North Flinders Ranges, spending 5 days in relatively rough conditions filming.
Because of the nature of the venture, a great deal of sensitivity was required in capturing the vision as well as ensuring that some of the individual subjects remained anonymous.  This he achieved without fuss, nor did he create a situation of hesitancy or awkwardness among the subjects.  For this I was pleased as the venture is a once a year occasion and it was important to get it right first time.  
Paul was professional and reliable at all times during the project.  His equipment was up to the minute and his lay back style encouraged honest comment from those being filmed.
Although the editing was done with a 2000 km gap between employer and employee, it went surprisingly well.  I am happy with the outcome and I would recommend Paul to prospective employers.  The DVD is available for viewing on our web site.
Moose Dunlop OAM Director Trojan's Trek
Paul thanks for the time and effort you have taken to produce such a brilliant memento of an outstanding weekend.  I admire the fuss-free manner in which you have produced such a professional product.  Each time I look at your production I recognise another outstanding aspect that I hadn’t noticed before. I will be highly recommending you to anyone wanting a first class DVD that covers everything from still shots, interviews, action scenes, close ups ... all using your creative genius. Congratulations on such excellent work. God bless.Col Krueger (Principal, Mueller College) March 2011
Paul Hodge Production (PHP) has recently completed a DVD documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary (1960-2010) of 1st Signal Regiment, Australian Army.  The following comment from the Commanding Officer ...your previous [military]service...allowed you to approach the subject with empathy, and bring a high level of skill and understanding of our requirements...Your efforts speak volumes of your capacity as a producer...Your patience and professional guidance was greatly appreciated...I once again commend you on a highly professional product.
PAUL!!! THAT is INCREDIBLE!!!! I am SO proud of that! Thank-you SO much!  I am always so impressed with your talent, patience and professionalism.  You have done an AMAZING job on that video!!!                                                         Alision James CEO Eco-tainment Inc Brisbane  
Wow!!! OMG that is incredible! Love everything - perfect video.Catherine Gamble – Artistic Director Eco-tainment Inc Brisbane